Three month online coaching program designed to simplify and nourish motherhood with foundations in nutrition, family culture and homeschooling.

• Are they on the screen too much?
• Are they eating enough healthy foods?
• Why are they always sick?
• Do they have good friends?
• What does their education look like? Thinking about homeschooling?
• What am I doing? Am I doing enough? Am I a good mom?
• Confused, stressed, experiencing physical pain, and lack of sleep while raising your kids?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed in motherhood because there is so much information out there you don't know who to trust?

Trust me.

I'm Sheila, and I am here to remind you that you ARE enough. You don't have to have ALL the answers because I have done a lot of the work to find answers to these questions and questions like these, and now I get to share what I know with you.  I am here to alleviate that stress and worry and provide a guide for you, to empowersimplify and nourish motherhood for you.

The Mom Map

The Mom Map is an inspiring three month online coaching program designed to empower the motherhood journey with specific strategies, tools and information. As a coach for moms I help them achieve peace of mind by building healthy foundations with nutrition, strengthening family, and having awareness of possibilities to navigate motherhood holistically. The program starts with a step by step process that starts in the kitchen to establish strong nutritional foundations, expands to family culture and values, and goes next to education and community. 

Through education, practice, and my own experience as a mother of three children for over 15 years, I have learned how to move through challenges by taking action. I want to share with you what has worked for me and other moms I know to streamline, simplify and nourish your family.


Imagine how different our world could be if all moms were inspired by health, family and education. I want to teach you how to establish healthy foundations for your families, nurture family culture, and inspire life long learning. There is inherent beauty in motherhood, but sometimes you lose track of the beauty when you have too many things to worry about. 

"As a single mother of twins, my body and immune system were completely run down. Sheila educated and supported me in taking all the steps needed to get my inflammation down and my body functioning at maximum capacity again. She seriously saved my life and my sanity! Now I have the energy an endurance to keep up with my kids."

Danielle L.

The Details

Weekly Video Zoom Calls for three months- all calls recorded

Start date is April 17, 2018


Tuesdays- LIVE CALL every week

 Fridays- Q and A- Every other week


  Module 1: Kitchen Nutrition

• Food Upgrade- Food as medicine with emphasis on traditional nutrition
• Tools of the Trade- Important kitchen tools needed for the nutrient dense kitchen
• The Kitchen Sweep- Learn the better choices for what you and your family eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 Module 2: Wellness  and Detoxification
• Dr. Mom - Keep your family healthy with herbs, oils, supplements, and home remedies
• Specific detoxification plans for home and personal care
• Demystify hidden toxins, including electro magnetic frequency (EMF)

 Module 3: Self Care 
• Best practices including meditation and loving diet
• Learn to amplify mom’s needs and respect for boundaries
• Moms just wanna have fun. Re-learn how to bring the joy in

Module 4: Family Culture
• Conscious parenting 101- growing healthy and happy kids

• Identify your own family culture

• Take inventory of your traditions, celebrations and 

Module 5: Education and Homeschooling
• Education choices - Acquire the knowledge to make educated choices for your child
• Homeschooling- Philosophies and how to get started

Module 6: Community Building
• Learn how to get involved and show up in your community and be a family advocate in schools, sports and community.
• The Village- dig deeper so that you have a support team in place

5 AWESOME Bonus Bundles

Bundle #1 
Healing Foods Diets

You have heard the term of healing diets, what does that mean? Learn several healing diets,  and have opportunity to partake in 21 day cleanse.

Bundle #2
 Subject Specific Homeschool

Ideas and Inspiration for K-6 Homeschool in Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts

Bundle #3
 Natural Baby

Homebirth, family bed, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, elimination training, post partum care, fertility, siblings

Bundle #4 

What are you passionate about? Can you rock a home based business as well as raise children? Of course!! Learn business basics and how to get started.

Bundle #5
Road Tripping, Camping, and Exchange Students

This is what we do... Inspiration for taking your family on the road

Are you ready to join
The Mom Map Community?

I hope so because I am looking to meet inspired moms who want to impact the world with their families to create more love and connection. WE can do this Mamas! 

This is important work, this information can make the world a better place, a happier and healthier place, and you will be  part of the change.


You get:

• 3 Months of weekly coaching calls starting April 17th, 2017
• 2 one-on-one coaching calls
• Active online support community
• Mom Map surprises along the journey curated just for you
• Easy to implement resources, videos, recipes, and pdf's


If you want to learn more, and see if The Mom Map is the right fit for you, let's talk! 


This is me.

Sheila Walsh Dunton: Mom Advocate, Love Warrior, Teacher, World Traveler, Lifelong Learner


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